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Integrated into Gmail

Increase Your Productivity

It usually takes 7 steps to embed a video into your email, and the workflow is distracting because it takes you out of Gmail. Now you can attach YouTube videos to emails in just 3 steps. It’s easy to access your channels, recently viewed videos, or all of YouTube without ever leaving Gmail!

Integrated With Gmail and YouTube

Embed YouTube Videos in Gmail is fully integrated with both Gmail and YouTube. Once installed, it automatically connects to the YouTube account associated with your email address. Just click the YouTube icon to access all your videos.You can also connect to a company brand account, or any other account to which you have access.

Access All of YouTube Directly From Gmail

Select All Videos to access and search all of YouTube, without ever leaving your inbox. Whether it’s a product guide for a customer, a helpful lecture for a colleague, or just a cute dog video, any public video is right at your fingertips without switching tabs. You can even access your recently viewed videos!

Embed With a Single Click

Once you’ve found the video you want, just click on it. It will be automatically inserted right into your email. Share a video with a single person or engage your entire mailing list with your video content!

Who Uses Embed Video in Gmail?


Salespeople who want to share product demos or other promotional video


Realtors who want to show new properties

Job Seekers

Job Seekers who want to introduce themselves or show off a special skill


Recruiters who want to introduce themselves or their company


Artists who want their mailing list to see their work on YouTube

Customer Support

Customer Support who use video walk-throughs for frequent customer questions

Educators, speakers, or teachers

Educators, speakers, or teachers who want to share access to their presentation videos


Newsletters that you want to enhance with relevant videos

Strategy game vloggers

Beauty vloggers

Travel vloggers

Workout vloggers